Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Commodity Inflation

What we are beginning to see again is commodity inflation. After copper bottomed out in the $1.20 per pound range a couple of months ago it is up about 75% since then. We read a couple of interesting posts on inflation about this, one here and the other here. It seems like we may be looking at cost push inflation coming down the pike. I guess the net result really doesn't matter. The bottom line is we are looking at higher prices for most raw material based goods.

Copper is still about half of what it what less than a year ago so the prospect if rising wire and cable prices is real. It may not be a bad time to stock up a bit on items you know you will need over the next 3-6 months if you can afford to lay out the money. Another solid resource to help you keep up on what is going on with the economy and inflation is InflationBomb.com. You can sign up for no cost right now.