Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Abrasion Resistance SO cord

If SO cables were always used as permanent power sources, abrasion resistance wouldn’t matter. You’d install equipment once, attach the cable, and leave it there for years. Water resistance would be a main advantage, but abrasion concerns would be minimal. The truth is that SO cable is often used as a temporary power source. It’s dragged over concrete to power a portable fan at a workshop. Swirled through the mud at every stop on a rock band’s tour schedule. And after all that abuse, it’s gathered up roughly, stuffed in the back of a storage unit, and expected to perform perfectly the next time.

SO cable takes a beating, and that’s why abrasion resistance is such a benefit. Sure, it’s nice that the product is water resistant, but if its casing broke every time it hit a snag, it would be purely impractical. By virtue of a strong outer façade that protects the delicate inner wiring system, SO cable is heavy-duty and reliable. Thank goodness for that, because the last thing you want is for a hole to open up in the wire. When exposed to the elements, the cable would pose a fire hazard.

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